November 25, 2006

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Where Love, Science, and Fantasy Thrive: The Fountain

November 23, 2006

The FountainIn the present, Hugh is the passionate scientist Thomas Creo (Spanish for “I believe”), who is fighting not only to save the woman he loves,his wife Izzi, from certain death caused by the cancer she’s suffering from, but also to eradicate mortality altogether. Academy Award-winner Ellen Burstyn plays Dr. Lillian Guzetti, his supervisor. Thomas believes death is a disease which can be cured.

The future actually takes place in the 26th century and where wee see an astronaut named Tom (once again Hugh) traveling in a floating bubble to Xibalba, a distant nebula where he hopes to be reborn with his dead wife.

The stories are told simultaneously, in an interweaving manner, and not in necessarily sequential order. The movie is almost clustered with symbolism and poetry. Love survives, though lovers don’t. Our hopes for overcoming our limited human nature is ancient, as old as human kind itself. We must essentially come to terms with the fact that human nature is what it is. However, love can transcend the boundaries of flesh and time, space, and ultimately death.

Screen Altogether a hopeful message for the viewers in my opinion. The Fountain is complete with beautiful, symbolic imagery. The secret of mortality has always been something to aspire to gain and there is a message of commonality too, in my opinion as well. Human beings are united in their most fundamental needs and ideals and fears which connects us all more than it seperated us. “The Fountain” is almost a modern fairy tale because it to is eternal since it deals with that which is archetypal: life, death and love.

The story comes so close to mythical depths, that many are sure to fall in love with its haunting beauty and poetic romanticism.

–Brief Review Comments from Rotten Tomatoes–

An awesome work, dazzlingly inventive, constantly surprising, and told with a minimum of showbiz hoopla.Jeffrey M. Anderson

As deeply emotional and damnably frustrating as any work of pure individual vision must be. – Walter Chaw

A Sad Time for LOTR Fans

November 21, 2006

JacksonFans all over the world expressed their disappointment towards New Line Cinema’s decision to remove Peter Jackson from directing “The Hobbit” on fan forums they are not expected to just leave this critcal topic go by.

According to Chris Pirrotta, co-founder of where Peter Jackson’s letter to the fans was published, the site has received over 100,000 visitors since the letter has been posted, high above the usual number of 15,000 per day they usually get.

“They are very upset,” Pirrotta told Reuters. “We are seeing calls for everything from letter writing campaigns to a boycott of the studio.”

Despite the fact that nearly $3 billion dollars were made from “Lord of the Rings” trilogy, the director who was initially going to direct a possible screening of “The Hobbit,” said last week a top executive with Los Angeles-based New Line Cinema called him to say the studio was moving ahead on “The Hobbit” without him. It might have to do with the fact that Jackson is suing New Line Cinema for over $100 million unpaid dues to him.

Being the curtious and respectful man that he is , Jackson wrote a letter to the fans be cause he felt that they needed to truly undetstand the course of events that took everyone by suprice.

In summary, this is what he wrote:The Hobbit

“You cannot be in a relationship with a film studio, making a complex, expensive movie and dealing with all the pressures and responsibilities that come with the job, while an unresolved lawsuit exists,” his letter wrote adding that a decision to make the movie should come from the heart, otherwise the film is “doomed.”

“Given that New Line are committed to this course of action, we felt at the very least, we owed you, the fans, a straightforward account of events as they have unfolded for us,” Jackson wrote.

With hopes the Tolkien franchise will sell itself, the studio is now searching for a new director , however, many fans believe this will trigger many conflicts considering the actors might have something to say as well.

“ and the entire Tolkien community spent the last day reacting to the jaw-dropping letter we received from Peter Jackson concerning ‘The Hobbit’.”

This entire incident raises the oldest and greatest paradox in the world of art and artists: Do you create art for your intellectaul appeasement, or for profit, and when you are fully appeased with your work do you continue to produce your wokr of art eventough it is not truly your passion and you simply do it for the profits. Has Jackson reached an apex in his work? Did he quit the movie because he did not get his money, or because he is a man of prinicple and actaully cares about his passion and art?

Harry Potter Romance Close-Up

November 20, 2006


Harry Potter, the favorite wizard boy of Britan steps into adulthood with his on-screen kiss.

The upcoming “Harry Potter and the Order of the Poenix” features a much hyped about kissing scene between Harry, played by Daniel Radcliffe, and 18-year-old unknown acress Katie Leung, who plays comely Hogwarts witch, Cho Chang.

Daniel told the Daily Mail Magazine that he jumped into the scene ready kissget it on, but later in an interview he denied reports saying that he milked the scene for about 30 takes.

“It was reported that we did a huge amount of takes, but actually you do that number on any scene,” Radcliffe said. “Once you have covered it from all the camera angles you’ve done about 30 takes.”

The “Order of the Phoenix” comes out in July and will feature plenty of magical action and adventure for fans who aren’t into the stuff.

Letters From Iwo Jima ( Flags of Our Fathers Part II)

November 20, 2006

Iwo JimaFilmaker Clint Eastwood will release his next film “Letters From Iwo Jima” later this year to qualify for the Academy Awards.
The Japanese-language companion piece to “Flags of Our Fathers” will open in New York, Los Angeles and possibly San Francisco Dec. 20 as opposed to the originally scheduled February date.

The story for “Letters from Iwo Jima” is an account of the same bloody World War II battle as “Flags of Our Fathers” but from the viewpoint of the Japanese garrison.

In addition to making the film eligible for this year’s awards season, the new date capitalizes on the drawing power of “Flags of Our Fathers” Daily Variety Magazine said.

Variety also added that Eastwood consulted Steven Spielberg, a co-producer on both films, before approaching Warner Bros. about changing the release date.

Penguins > Bond ?

November 20, 2006

Happy FeetThe animated penguins of “Happy Feet” opened No. 1 this weekend in the U.S. box office topping “Casino Royale,” the latest James Bond flick.

The cartoon comedy raked in over $42 million in its first week once again beating “Casino Royale,” which made $40 million in its opening.

“Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan,” which only cost $18 million to make, was third with $14.3 million for a three-week total of $90.5 million. Estimated figures are from Box Office Mojo.

Casino RoyaleOther movie earnings and standings are as follows:

The Santa Claus 3: The Escape Clause,” was fourth with $8.2 million, the animated cartoon “Flushed Away” was fifth with $6.8 million, the Will Ferrell comedy “Stranger than Fiction”, was sixth with $6.6 million and Babel was No. 7 with $2.9 million.

“Saw III” was eighth with $2.8 million, “The Departed” was No. 9 with $2.6 million and “After Dark’s Horror Fest: 8 Films to Die For” rounded out the top 10 with $2.4 million.

MySpace- Truly a Place for Music

November 19, 2006

It is a bad time for MySpace, or atleast for its owners since it recently came under attack from the music companies and their lawyers. And you guessed it, because of massive massive massive copyrightMySpace enfringment. Reports of MySpace being sued by Universal have flooded the Internet in the last few hours, with News Corporation calling the lawsuit ‘meritless’.Despite MySpace instigating ‘fingerprinting’ technology to ferret out unlicensed use of commercial music, negotiations between Universal Music and MySpace have failed. With tens of millions of MySpace pages playing music of some kind as background music for site visitors to enjoy, News Corp justly does not want to be responsible for paying for their customers’ infringing behaviour, especially when News Corp is still trying to figure out how to have MySpace actually make them some money instead of it costing them money.

Clearly, the issue of copyright protection for content in the digital era is one that will not be resolved anytime soon.